Don’t stress and do your best.

I finally found the perfect planner.

I am the worst when it comes to stick to my planning. I hate it. It feels like when I plan nothing I’m waaaay more productive than when I plan my day or week. And the thing I hate the most about planners is that they have dates. This sounds a bit strange, because you need dates to plan things. What I mean is, when you don’t plan a week, you basically spilled a page.

The planners from Stradivarius have one thing in common; they don’t have any dates. It’s an empty planner. The monthly and weekly pages don’t have any dates, what was exactly where I was looking for! So you can skip a week (or month) without wasting your planner.

This planner is so pretty on the outside and practical on the inside! The velvet pink outside is really pretty, this is one reason I bought this planner, haha.


I have tried a lot of different planners, and each of them had a different weekly spread. I’m picky, and none of them really worked for me. This planner has a really simple spread, and this works for me. I plan my months with colours, for school I use red, for work blue and for appointments I use green. This makes it clear for me. And it helps that the planner is simple, because I add colour to it.


I’m also picky on the weekly spread, haha. This weekly spread has 2 pages. On the first page you can write important dates, priorities, other things and notes, for example important things for next month. You also can rate the week, which I think is a nice addition. On the next page you can plan your week, or make a to do list for each day. There aren’t days on it, so you can use it for other things too.



Until next time! X

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