I made myself a photo book

Photo book - ILSEJOSE

Love it!

Hi guys! I’m always looking for a fun way to print my photo’s. I think custom and personalized photo books are the best way to preserve your memories. Photo books are a great and lovely gift to surprise your friends or family with this special one of a kind gift. In this post I want to show a photo book I made on fotofabriek.nl. If you are interested in how I made it and my opinion then keep reading!


Let’s start with how to make a photo book. Actually it’s really easy to make a photo book. First of all, you choose what size and cover type you want the book. I have chosen for a portrait A4 with a softcover.

When you have made all the choices,  you can make your photo book! Here you can choose between 2 ways; an offline software and a PDF-uploader. I designed mine through the offline software. This software is really easy to use and has almost everything you need!

To insert the photos is easy; there are several templates to choose from, I like simplicity itself and am thereby for the simple layouts. Then you get to see boxes and you can then insert the photos you want to use. The only thing I couldn’t find was a function to centre your pictures. So I counted all the little blocks, so I
knew it was in the middle, haha.

What I like the most about this software, is that you can make a photo book from scratch, you can choose themes, backgrounds, photo layouts, stickers, add text and even your own stickers, logos and of course your own photos.


After 2 days (so fast!) I received a packaging with my photo book in it! When I unpacked it, I was surprised about how nice and firm the paper was; love it! The print & paper quality are both really good. The pictures look nice and sharp and I can’t find any crazy color casts, blur, crazy pixels or whatever. Good job Fotofabriek! Also, the prices of the books are nice. You can design professional-looking books what can cost, but also on a budget you can be fine with it.


As you can read; it is definitely a big YAY for me! I’m not just excited because it’s my first collaboration, but just because this is such a good photo book. The software is easy to use and you have a lot of options, print and paper quality is really good and I think you can make a really good photo book with every budget!


Until next time! X

This article contains products that I received. This does not affect my opinion and I stay honest.

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