My new iPhone 6s Plus rose gold

iPhone 6s Plus rose gold // ilsejose

Look at this beauty.

You can’t imagine how extremely happy I am. I used my old iPhone 5s for 3 years till I couldn’t use it anymore. It was time for a new and better one. I chose the iPhone 6s Plus rose gold. Best choice ever.

This mobile is so large! Of course, I knew this when I ordered it, but once if you have it in your hands you really need to getting used to it. Everything about the Iphone 6s Plus better than the Iphone 5s; the cameras on both sides, sounds, screen and the battery. I love it!

I use this phone for almost a month now and I haven’t regret it yet. I’m still so happy with it! What I like the most about the iPhone 6s Plus are the improved battery, better and colorful screen and the improved cameras on both sides.

Which phone do you use?


One thought on “My new iPhone 6s Plus rose gold

  1. I’m stuck with an old iphone 5c, but one of these is my dream! Maybe I should start saving some money ;)


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