Life sucks sometimes.

I tried to write an update. But I had no idea how or what to tell you. There’s so much going on lately. Too much stuff, what isn’t really interesting for you guys. So I tried to tell how I’m feeling and why I didn’t post anything the last few weeks.

My grandpa died on September 3rd. Since then I’m feeling unhappy. It’s not only that he is gone now. But how my body and mind reacted to it. I barely ate anything 2 weeks from then. I lost 3 kilo in a week. And I still can’t eat that much. My mind is spinning and I overthink a lot.

Also I started at a new school this year. I study ‘International business studies’ right now. But I don’t like it. It’s totally different than I thought and I don’t want to finish these 3 years. I wanted a gap year; to figure some stuff out. But unfortunately, I’m 16 years old and I have to be 18 to get a gap year.

So, yeah. Life sucks sometimes. And sometimes you don’t know where you going, or where to go. But I know I will figure this out. With my parents, my friends and I’m seeing a therapist now. So I wil find a way to come this through. And I know you will, if you don’t know it either what you are doing with your life. But remember; you are stronger than you think.

I hope it’s clear now why I haven’t post anything on my blog and Instagram lately. Soon I will post blogposts and pictures on Instagram again. I hope you still want to read them ;).

Thanks for reading!


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