My summer bucketlist

9 things I want to do this summer.

♥ A polaroid photo of each day when I’m in Italy. Because why not?

♥ Have a picnic (under the stars). My 2 favorite things; food and the stars.

♥ Watch the sunset and sunrise. There’s nothing more beautiful.

♥ Swim in the ocean. Yeah, I’m a little afraid of that.

♥ Get an ice cream with 5 scoops. For breakfast or lunch.

♥ Invest in the perfect summer sandals. Because Primark sandals don’t last all summer.

♥ Clean out my closet. I have too many clothes I don’t wear.

♥ Have an all-day Netflix movie marathon. And eat my favorite food.

♥ Make a (polaroid)photobook. I can’t wait to make this.

What’s on your bucketlist for this summer?

Love, I.

9 thoughts on “My summer bucketlist

    1. So far only in Bellano, Savona and Genova. I hope to visit Italy soon again to visit Rome and Milan! Have you been in Italy?


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